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Bonita v7.10.5 is out!

09 Jun 2020 - Mickey Farrance

The Bonita maintenance release version 7.10.5 is out!

The maintenance release Bonita 7.10.5 is available as of now!

This release fixes a small number of issues for Bonita runtime and the Bonita development suite, including fixes related to Tomcat security fixes (update to Tomcat 8.5.53) and Bonita Data Management issues.

Among them, you can find a fix for STUDIO-3521 (Changes into Business Data initialization scripts are lost), a fix related to BPO-539 (..//API/bpm/message returns a 400 error code when message value is null (instead of 500). The message value can now be an empty string.

As always, the migration tool is also available.

You can read the full release note for details.

And remember, if you want to know more about Bonita 7.10, we’ve got it on video for you!

Have fun with Bonita!

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