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MAIF chooses Bonita to manage its enterprise processes

June 23, 2020

After the first stage of a European Solvency II regulatory reform project for insurance , the MAIF group confirmed its choice of the Bonita platform as an enterprise solution dedicated to managing all its processes.

Bonita thus becomes the insurer's  foundational tool for its process-based projects.

As part of the quarterly and annual reports provided to the European regulator, the MAIF group publishes today no less than 100,000 datasets per year, or 7,000 datasets per quarter and per company, involving 850 different tasks carried out with Bonita.

Francoise PERONNET, MOA pilot of the Solvency 2 project at MAIF, said:

In this context, control of data quality and granularity, as well as the traceability of the hundreds of steps necessary for their production, have become critical.

The Bonita solution has made it possible to generate audit trails, automate flows and make the management of business actions for accounts more reliable. It has also brought real improvement in terms of traceability and deadlines, allowing enhanced visibility on the sequence of activities. The use of pre-written emails and automation of reminders also added to process security.

Fabrice JUBIEN, IT project manager for Solvency II, added:

We are still in the process of Data Quality within the framework of Solvency II, and are iterating to develop the sub-processes, controls and storage of indicators and data related to Solvency II, in connection with the other applications of the MAIF information system.

Over the long term, with the help of Bonitasoft integrator partner CGI, the project will continue to evolve.

Bonita was chosen for its performance in terms of reliability and stability, its great flexibility in terms of configuration (notably for form development), and for its capacities of handling business and system data.

About MAIF

The MAIF group is the sixth largest auto insurance provider in France, and the largest insurance provider for French non-profit organizations and NGOs. It covers all of the needs of more than 3 million members (property insurance, providence, health, assistance, savings, credit, etc.). It is regularly acclaimed in terms of customer relations, where it is again a leader among French insurance companies. In 2019, the MAIF group had a revenue of 3.7 billion euros.

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