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MAIF chooses Bonita to manage its enterprise processes

23 Jun 2020

The MAIF group has chosen the Bonita platform as an enterprise-wide process management solution 

Financial services: Automated business processes make life better for everyone!

16 Jun 2020

Superior customer service makes a competitive difference in financial services. Provide well-tailored, user-friendly applications as a key differentiator.

Automating processes in healthcare for better outcomes

04 Jun 2020

How did BMS, SESCAM and McGill overcome their problems by automating key processes? Download this e-book and see.

Orchestration of microservices, services - humans and robots

18 Feb 2020

This article by Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura discusses microservices architecture in enterprise application development, what orchestration means, and why BPMN orchestration...

Bonita at the heart of new Cfdt online membership management

14 Jan 2020

CFDT has chosen to decommission old solutions and install a modern and integrated application, accessible by simple web browser and capable of handling all its processes.

Orchestration Of Microservices, Monoliths -- People And Robots

29 Oct 2019

In this Forbes Technology Council article, Bonitasoft's CEO covers a bit about microservices architecture as it relates to enterprise application development, a lot more about what orchestration...

Best Practices for automation webinar series

22 Oct 2019

Bonitasoft is hosting a series of webinars focusing on Best Practices for automation. Whether or not you have experience in IT project management, this webinar series is for you.

Evoke Technologies blogs on how to use Bonita

08 Oct 2019

Evoke Technoloiges blog: posts about Bonita, curated by Evoke’s tech savvy employees

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