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We have a new podcast series!

27 Aug 2019

New from Bonitasoft: customer story podcasts!

VMblog Expert Interviews: Bonitasoft CEO Talks Digital Process Automation, the Bonita Platform and More

06 Aug 2019

VMblog spoke with the company's CEO and co-founder, Miguel Valdés Faura to find out more about the company, its platform, digital process automation, and more.

Bonita for banking & financial services

07 May 2019

Financial institutions use Bonita to offer superior customer service, protection against illegal activity, compliance with regulations, digital security and more.

One solution, two ways to drive digital transformation

19 Jun 2018

Digital business platforms are built on business process management (BPM) technology. These platforms support business transformation in two important ways.

Digital Transformation through Connecting People with Technology

06 Apr 2018

Digital technology platforms have been around for as long as digital technologies have been applied to real-world situations. However, what’s new is the comprehensive nature of digital business...

Great user interfaces shouldn't connect to a lousy user experience

05 Dec 2017

A well-designed user interface on your customer-facing applications may be a great user experience. Will the experience behind the interface live up to that promise?

AI and Continuous Deployment: Bonitasoft's 2 Weapons for Digital Transformation

03 Oct 2017

Le Mag IT: The Open Source BPM specialist develops a continuous delivery and artificial intelligence module that must support continuous deployment of the platform and its applications, and the...

Don’t stop at “operational!” Digital transformation is also strategic

08 Aug 2017

When digital transformation tools are applied to the long-term vision and creativity of the enterprise, digital transformation becomes strategic.

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