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- RT @miguelvaldes : Ya tenemos en el canal Youtube mi entrevista con las conclusiones del evento en Madrid,… - - BPM Skills in 2018 – Hot or Not? "Robotic automation and artificial intelligence...represent the next wave of skill…

Looking to support DevOps? Bonita Continuous Delivery is here!

30 Jan 2018

Deploy your Bonita platform in minutes with Bonita Continuous Delivery

The Transformational Power of BPM

12 Dec 2017

Digital transformation is a frequent buzzword in business today, but there’s considerable debate about how to define it, much less how to achieve it. Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura offers...

Are credit unions ready to do more than dip a toe into distributed ledger?

14 Nov 2017

Some remain skeptical about the credit union appetite for blockchain technology.

IDM: When artificial intelligence meets business process management

24 Oct 2017

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura has some observations about AI and BPM and has shared them with IDM in Australia.

AI and Continuous Deployment: Bonitasoft's 2 Weapons for Digital Transformation

03 Oct 2017

Le Mag IT: The Open Source BPM specialist develops a continuous delivery and artificial intelligence module that must support continuous deployment of the platform and its applications, and the...

When artificial intelligence meets business process management

28 Jul 2017

Recent strides in artificial intelligence are making it possible to anticipate constraints in processes and align them with available resources and avoid bottlenecks 

Bonitasoft recognized for "customer-centric transformation"

25 Jul 2017

Bonitasoft's COO explains how customer-centric transformation brings increased customer satisfaction and sales success

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