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- Health Monitoring with #Bonita - now on the Evoke blog! via Vineeth Vyasabhattu @EvokeUS - - Frustrating one's customers doesn't build trust, so dependable technology & simple processes really do matter - - [WEBINAR] #ProcessMining: El rol de la #data en los procesos de negocio. ¡Acompáñanos el próximo martes 28 de mayo!…

What is Process Mining and how does it relate to BPM?

18 Sep 2018

Performance mining is a lesser-known process mining technique that holds interesting promise for BPM process-based applications

Smarter BPM with AI

04 Jul 2018

We are happy to welcome Sandy Kemsley,  independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in digital process automation, for a guest blog post about BPM and Artificial Intelligence.<...

Why AI and Business Process Automation Share a Bright Future

24 Apr 2018

Digital transformation is about doing things differently, not just doing them better than everyone else.

Power Couple: Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management

27 Nov 2017

Process Improvement Daily explains BPM and AI complementarities based on Bonitasoft vision.

IDM: When artificial intelligence meets business process management

24 Oct 2017

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura has some observations about AI and BPM and has shared them with IDM in Australia.

Our data science needs you!

19 Sep 2017

Our R&D team is currently working on some cool stuff using data science, artificial intelligence, and business process management together.

Intelligent continuous improvement, when BPM meets AI

05 Sep 2017

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdés Faura will keynote the BPM 2017 in Barcelona with "When BPM meets ArtificiaI Intelligence" 

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