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- Health Monitoring with #Bonita - now on the Evoke blog! via Vineeth Vyasabhattu @EvokeUS - - Frustrating one's customers doesn't build trust, so dependable technology & simple processes really do matter - - [WEBINAR] #ProcessMining: El rol de la #data en los procesos de negocio. ¡Acompáñanos el próximo martes 28 de mayo!…

Bonitasoft and UiPath to Further Integrate Growing Robotic Workforce into Systems and Workflows

19 Mar 2019

As a result of Bonitasoft’s technological partnership with UiPath, full end-to-end business process automation is now possible, with the set of native UiPath connectors included in the Bonita...

Robotic Process Automation's Growing Stake in the Workplace

15 Jan 2019

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura looks back at RPA progress in 2018 and forward to more in 2019

BPM and RPA - technology & strategy

20 Nov 2018

When we partnered with UiPath, a leading global provider of RPA software, we both took a good look at where RPA and BPM technologies naturally intersect in Bonita and UiPath. 

RPA and BPM, it's all about the process!

25 Sep 2018

Here is a succinct overview of the main differences, similarities and complementarities between BPM and RPA technologies.

Business Process Management vs. Robotic Process Automation: How to Choose

15 May 2018

There's a difference between BPM and RPA. While both technologies deal with automation and both are being increasingly used in digital transformation projects, one cannot serve as a substitute...

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