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- - - [Webinar] “But is Bonita scalable?” Yes, yes it is! More new applications, more new processes...your infrastructure… - - We're hosting a #TechMeetup in Austin with our partner @evoke_us on 8 Nov. Use Bonita tools and applications acro…

The future of process automation

02 Oct 2018

This podcast features Miguel Valdes Faura in discussion with Neil Ward-Dutton about the future of process automation

Smarter BPM with AI

04 Jul 2018

We are happy to welcome Sandy Kemsley,  independent analyst and systems architect, specializing in digital process automation, for a guest blog post about BPM and Artificial Intelligence.<...

Put Voice of the Customer Feedback Into Action With the Usability Approach

09 Feb 2018

Concerning usability users have a say. We need to listen.

Digital Business Platforms & Digital Transformation initiatives

01 Feb 2018

Read Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura's point of view on the impact of digital technologies on business operations

Looking ahead - what's up for BPM in 2018?

23 Jan 2018

The BMS digital transformation project was selected as a finalist for the Bio-IT World Best Practices Award for 2017. 

2017: blockchain technology is enabling a paradigm shift

09 Jan 2018

2017 was a landmark year for blockchain technology. But it's clearly just the beginning.

Great user interfaces shouldn't connect to a lousy user experience

05 Dec 2017

A well-designed user interface on your customer-facing applications may be a great user experience. Will the experience behind the interface live up to that promise?

Power Couple: Artificial Intelligence and Business Process Management

27 Nov 2017

Process Improvement Daily explains BPM and AI complementarities based on Bonitasoft vision.

Collaboration above all

17 Oct 2017

INRIA is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura is among the men and women who have made Inria what it is.

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