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- 2019, el año de la #TransformaciónDigital gracias a la madurez de tecnologías disruptivas como la… - - Le BPM, un levier pour la #TransformationNumérique via Linda Tucci @LeMagIT @LTucci - - RT @LLeseigneur @InTheAlps : Keynote d'ouverture d' @AgileGrenoble autour de l'intelligence émotionnelle. 😍…

What is Process Mining and how does it relate to BPM?

18 Sep 2018

Performance mining is a lesser-known process mining technique that holds interesting promise for BPM process-based applications

What is a ‘living’ application?

11 Sep 2018

A living application: one that can deliver changes in terms of continuous improvement, continuous integration, continuous deployment and continuous connectivity

Taking a Closer Look at Intelligent BPM Software

04 Sep 2018

Liz Quirk from BPM Solutions Review spoke with Miguel Valdes Faura about "intelligent" BPM  as an outgrowth of BPM 

Bonitasoft named “Best Place to Work” by Best in Biz Awards 2018 International

28 Aug 2018

Bonitasoft has been named the silver winner of “Best Place to Work” by Best in Biz Awards 2018 International

Adaptive case management with BPM

21 Aug 2018

Adaptative Case Management  with BPM-based applications helps accelerate digital transformation

Operations Management: BPM/iBPM Solutions

14 Aug 2018

This article has a look at the role that BPM and iBPM play in businesses rapidly undergoing digital transformation

Students expect - and get - the best at University of Queensland

07 Aug 2018

Creating a world-class student experience with Bonita

Bonita Camp 7.7 - Learn how to build process based applications

31 Jul 2018

Discover Bonita - join us at Bonita Camp 7.7!

Back from OSCON 2018!

31 Jul 2018

Bonitasoft technical evangelist returns from  OSCON 2018 with some insights...and a smile