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Great user interfaces shouldn't connect to a lousy user experience

05 Dec 2017

A well-designed user interface on your customer-facing applications may be a great user experience. Will the experience behind the interface live up to that promise?

AI and Continuous Deployment: Bonitasoft's 2 Weapons for Digital Transformation

03 Oct 2017

Le Mag IT: The Open Source BPM specialist develops a continuous delivery and artificial intelligence module that must support continuous deployment of the platform and its applications, and the...

Don’t stop at “operational!” Digital transformation is also strategic

08 Aug 2017

When digital transformation tools are applied to the long-term vision and creativity of the enterprise, digital transformation becomes strategic.

Bonitasoft BPM platform proven strategic for companies accelerating their digital transformation

04 Feb 2016

BPM Leader sees customer success growing with increasing numbers of active applications for critical processes

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