• Process Intelligence with Bonita Process Insights

    Unlock the power of your process data
    Give your business team actionable Process Intelligence data to improve and optimize operational efficiency. See what’s working - and not working - inside your automated business processes with Bonita Platform.


  • What is Process Intelligence?

  • Process Intelligence is the ability to analyze, understand and optimize business processes based on the data generated by their execution. It helps you gain insights into the performance, efficiency and compliance of your processes, and identify areas for improvement or innovation. Process Intelligence ensures that the implementation of process automation delivers on the promise of operational efficiency.

  • Process Intelligence with Bonita Process Insights

    Get deep visibility into all processes automated with the Bonita platform. Align your processes with your business goals, and make data-driven decisions to enhance operational excellence.


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With Bonita Process Insights, you can

  • Monitor key metrics and indicators like cycle time, deviations, failures, and objectives such as SLAs

  • Compare different versions of a process to measure the impact of changes and improvements and what factors affect process execution

  • Spot bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and risks within your processes and workflows

  • Customize your business goals to track the objectives that matter to you

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  • How does Bonita Process Insights work?

    Bonita Process Insights is hosted in the Bonita Cloud, and connects to your Bonita process automation platform. You can select which Bonita applications you want to analyze, and Bonita Process Insights will extract, aggregate, clean, and rework the data for the process performance calculations you need. Bonita Process Insights comes with two out-of-the-box dashboards that display your process data in tables and graphs: Process Overview and Compare Processes.

Bonita Process Insights dashboards

    • Process Overview dashboard

      Get a global view of any process automated with Bonita. Use this dashboard to understand what is happening inside processes, and track their progress against defined objectives. Spot inefficiencies, and explore the data presented to see where improvements could be made.

    • Process Overview dashboard - Bonita Process Insights
    • Compare Processes dashboard - Bonita Process Insights
    • Compare Processes dashboard

      Benchmark and compare different versions of a process, and see what has improved, not improved, or changed. Investigate what factors are affecting process execution. Use this information as a starting point to diagnose issues, or to show proof of improvement.

  • Bonita Process Insights is designed for the business team
  • Bonita Process Insights is designed for the business team

    Bonita Process Insights is designed for business managers, process owners, analysts, and consultants who want to leverage Process Intelligence to improve processes and workflows. Whether you are just starting to automate your processes with Bonita, or you have already implemented process automation, Bonita Process Insights offers actionable intelligence and proof of improvement.

What's in Bonita Process Insights?

Capabilities and featuresStarter pack
Access to Bonita Process Insights including centralized dashboards  

Access to 2 centralized dashboards, Process Overview and Process Compare, tailor-made for process owners like you, displaying key performance metrics of your Bonita processes at a glance
Customized goal definition  

Define and track performance objectives effortlessly, ensuring your processes are aligned with your business goals.
Getting started kit  

Enjoy a seamless onboarding experience with our e-learning module.
Support 8/5  

Access to our Gold Elite standard support available during working days and hours.
  • Getting started with Bonita Process Insights

  • Getting started with Bonita Process Insights is easy and fast, with your Bonita process automation platform and a Bonita Process Insights account.

    When you get Bonita Process Insights, the expert Bonita team will assist you to connect and activate everything with your Bonita platform. Sign up now for a customized deep dive into your own process data, with a demo to produce a comprehensive report on BPI dashboards. Uncover inefficiencies to help you optimize your operations.

    Bonita Process Insights works with both Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise.