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Process mining (PM) and Open Source BPM with Bonita

Use Artificial Intelligence to provide visibility, analysis and better understanding of business operating models - through real-time information on current performance and indicators for potential improvements.

Process and Performance Mining in the Digital Era

Process and Performance Mining in the Digital Era

As enterprises’ view of business processes evolve from static, rote sequences of tasks to a dynamic, customer-focused context, so too do the business process management (BPM) platforms that help such organizations manage and automate those processes.

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Enhancing human intelligence with AI technology: better information leads to better decisions

Behind-the-scenes AI process mining algorithms analyze archived data to detect patterns, and then apply them to ongoing process executions to predict issues and inefficiencies.

Users gets real-time information on how processes are currently performing and where they can take action if needed.

Human decision-making intelligence is boosted with machine learning to avoid bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and highlight possible process improvements.


Process mining - enterprise-ready AI, a BPM innovation

Unlike classic process mining techniques that focus on process discovery, our use of an innovative process mining extension allows learning on any business process model already automated in the BPM platform.

  • Offers goal-oriented predictions

  • No need to know data in advance

  • Provides easy-to-interpret results

  • Makes recommendations

  • Detects outliers, loops, latencies, and bottlenecks in a live process application

  • Analyzes at the level of processes, paths, and tasks

  • Considers both actual and predicted durations and occurrences


process mining


Source: Process Mining, Data Science in Action, Wil van der Aalst, 2016

Process mining is much more than process discovery…I see a trend toward predictive process mining. It is not enough to diagnose problems; tools should also be able to predict delays and deviations before they happen.” Wil van der Aalst, Process and Data Science, RWTH Aachen University 


Business Activity Monitoring

  • Create dashboards using historical data stored in Elasticsearch and detect outliers, loops, latencies and bottlenecks in your operating business models. 

  • Combine BAM and process mining approaches to provide visibility, analysis and understanding to users on how they are currently performing, and find opportunities for improvement.



Bonita Business Activity Monitoring