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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Bonita and UiPath: a complete solution to automate processes end-to-end – with exception management, complex decision-making by humans, and delegation of repetitive task sequences to a digital workforce of software robots.

BPM & RPA - what's the difference?

Business Process Management (BPM)

BPM supports the full cycle of process and decision: design, implementation, execution, monitoring, and optimization. Create enterprise-grade applications that connect user interfaces and business processes for better user experiences.

  • Manage customer facing processes and applications.

  • Support structured, unstructured and adaptive business processes execution.

  • Coordinate work among people, systems and processes.

  • Ideal for digital transformation of existing business processes and to automate new business processes.

  • Create end-to-end customer experiences connecting user interfaces and processes.

  • Integrate with existing information systems via APIs.

Bonita unique digital transformation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA automates repetitive rules-based tasks - typically performed by people - via the user interface, to manipulate data and applications just as a human would.

  • Automate high-volume, repeatable tasks within existing processes.

  • Uses robots that mimic the way a person interacts with applications.

  • Automate single user tasks involving multiple applications.

  • Free up employees to focus on more creative and customer-oriented innovation.

  • Support robotic automation triggered by humans, or by other robots.

  • Integrate with back-end and legacy systems via user interfaces.

BPM and RPA complementarity

UiPath screen

Launch business processes from UiPath Studio

  • Use UiPath’s visual and highly intuitive Studio to design the sequence of tasks, normally performed by a user, that will be delegated to a robot with perfect accuracy.

  • Allow UiPath robots to launch new business processes and interact with existing ones in Bonita.

  • Manage exceptions, user interactions and unstructured process execution with Bonita.

Delegate sequences of repetitive tasks to UiPath robots

  • Call UiPath robots from Bonita’s business processes and applications (using connectors and user interfaces).

  • Automate integration with existing systems that are not accessible via APIs.

  • Connect with UiPath’s Orchestrator server to interact with the robots in your network.

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video on RPA

Bonita and UiPath partner to provide BPM & RPA technologies for end-to-end automation of business processes

Pierrick Voulet, Bonitasoft Technical Evangelist, and David Marcus, VP Product & Alliance Management at UiPath, discuss the similarities and differences of BPM and RPA and demonstrate Bonita and UiPath integration.

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RPA is a perfect complement on the BPM journeys the companies are embarking on to streamline activities, improve internal collaboration and ultimately enhance their customers’ experience.

Anand Nagwani, Vice President, UiPath

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