• Build enterprise applications that scale

    Put humans at the center of the most demanding end-to-end process automation initiatives.

    Deliver value immediately and sustainably with fast iterations, feedback loops, and continuous improvement.

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  • Build enterprise applications that scale
  • Sustainable delivery
  • Sustainable delivery

    When you invest in automation and digital transformation, you want your applications and projects to last a long time while continuing to deliver value

    Sustainable applications are long-lasting and:

    •  easily maintained
    •  adapt seamlessly to changing environments
    •  constantly evolve and improve
    •  turn data into insights for optimization
    •  support evolving strategic business imperatives
    •  are based on open source code, so you're never locked out of making changes
  • Living Applications for complex, long-running processes

    With Living Applications, you can change and improve your enterprise applications even while they are running.

    The underlying architecture of Living Applications manages:

    • key interfaces between core functionality
    • user interface details
    • integration connectors
    • rules scripts 
    • application parameters

    If you make changes to any of these in a running application, it will continue to function without interruption.

    Use the Bonita process automation platform for rapid, agile and iterative development and deployment.

    It includes tools and frameworks to leverage "best of breed" solutions like Git, Jenkins, Docker, and Kubernetes for continuous integration, multiple environment configuration, unit testing and provisioning.

  • Living Applications: applications that handle complex, long-running processes
  • Sustainable, living applications empower people and augment their efficiency by extending good coordination among people, processes, systems, and technologies.

    Viable, scalable, and long-lasting automation projects keep delivering value over the long term, to the people who use them and the business that depends on them.

    Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft co-founder
  • Bonita extensibility
  • An extensible and robust platform

    Bonita Studio provides everything for development, delivery and monitoring of enterprise applications. Applications are collections of processes, business data, and user interfaces.

    Bonita Runtime is the environment for executing, monitoring, and administrating business processes. It can be run as part of the platform, or run standalone when embedded into applications. Dedicated Docker images are available for both Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise editions and can be deployed in a Kubernetes architecture.

    The extensibility capabilities of Bonita allow users with programming skills to add custom code by leveraging 20+ extension points of the platform.

  • Adaptive Case Management with Bonita

    Get the best of both: Business Process Management and Adaptive Case Management, with a single platform.

    Bonita's flexibility means you can handle processes when tasks can't be defined in a prescribed order, so unstructured processes work with Bonita too.

    Apply the platform's business rules and treat each case as a unique process.

    With an unstructured process and a generic Bonita application, any case manager can act freely to handle the particular needs of an individual case.

  • Adaptive Case Management with Bonita
  • The hybrid workplace and employee/customer journey
  • The hybrid workplace and employee/customer journey

    The “hybrid workplace” combines remote and on-site work and supports the hybrid employee-customer journey by integrating both through well-designed business processes.

    Give your remote employees the same kind of smooth, painless and supported experiences that you give your customers.

    Enterprise applications built on digital process automation platforms are exactly how business can ensure that everyone involved in critical end-to-end processes has a good user experience.

  • Empower customer-facing teams

    Empower customer-facing teams to make their support lighter and easier. New ways of working, new systems, and new equipment are all integrated into a BPM solution. Intelligent tools like RPA robots, and chatbots can give employees superpower to deliver seamless customer experiences.

  • Empower customer-facing teams