• Use code when you need it, graphical tools when you don’t

    Support development teams with a BPM platform specifically designed for developers, with the right balance between out-of-the-box capabilities and extensibility.

    Want to know more about how to increase productivity of development teams?


  • Empower your development teams with one Bonita platform
  • Give your application teams great tools for teamwork
  • Increase the productivity of development teams by giving them freedom

    • Agile, distributed, frontend, backend - DevOps teams have a wide mix of talent, capabilities and objectives when they come together to deliver automation projects. The Bonita platform gives everyone on the team the tools they need to work independently and together
    • At the same time, developers can continue to use their preferred tools and frameworks (IDE’s, testing, continuous integration, etc) to extend and customize the Bonita platform.
  • Bonitasoft’s unique low-code approach

    The Bonita platform is based on a unique approach to low-code: visual capabilities are clearly separated from development capabilities. The platform architecture allows developers to use their existing tools and methodologies when they want to code.

    • Use drag-and-drop graphical interfaces to design processes, define business data models, customize user interfaces.
    • Use out-of-the-box service building blocks like tooling, frameworks, and templates to accelerate coding for customization.
    • Use 20+ extension points for externalized development on preferred platforms and tools.
    • Use dedicated Software Development Kits (SDK’s) based on Maven archetypes to extend the platform.
  • Bonitasoft’s unique low-code approach
  • With Bonita we ensure that developers benefit too from the low-code movement, this is our number one priority! Developers can extend the platform with their own custom code, do the testing and continuous integration on their extension, and then contribute it back into the platform for global reusability.

    Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft co-founder
  • Acceleration Bonita
  • Bonita accelerates development, go-to-production, and maintenance of process automation projects

    Bonita Studio is a graphical environment to define process flows and business logic using the BPMN standard. It provides a model-driven, composition environment, with visual process design and drag-and-drop elements (including business data, business rules).

    The UI Designer enables designers to create stand-alone web-based and mobile applications that interact with processes, business data or external systems.

    The platform includes dozens of out-of-the-box connectors to most popular external systems: Salesforce, Microsoft Office, SAP, UiPath, Sharepoint, and more.

    The Bonita Administration application includes monitoring capabilities to graphically analyze processes execution, identify issues and bottlenecks as well as the ability to act on those processes.

  • You'll never walk alone. Welcome to the Bonita ecosystem!

    • The Bonitasoft Community is for BPM developers and practitioners to learn about and discuss about their Bonita implementations. This open source ecosystem includes more than 220,000 developers.
    • Bonita Camps offer free training on the Bonita Community edition.
    • Community members have access to more than 500 product extensions and applications such as widgets, REST API extensions, connectors, and examples of business processes and apps - for free.
    • Bonita Enterprise users can access applications (ie case management) and productivity frameworks to develop, test and deploy extensions (such as widgets and connectors)


  • Bonita ecosystem
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment freedom. Your way.
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment freedom. Your way.

    • The Bonita platform can be deployed on-premises and or any public/private/hybrid Cloud infrastructure that supports Java. The platform is also available as a service through the Bonita Cloud offering. The Bonita Cloud is the exact same Bonita product managed, monitored and operated by Bonitasoft.
    • The Bonita platform is compatible with any Cloud provider that supports Docker/Kubernetes deployments. Automated deployment capabilities and native support for continuous delivery practices and tools are provided through Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD) module.
    • BCD includes a solution for DevOps to build and continuously improve apps developed in the Studio. Those apps can be deployed with customizable deployment policies on any Bonita platform. The solution provides development teams with continuous integration and continuous deployment of apps based on Git & Jenkins.