• Orchestrate your processes from end-to-end for a competitive edge

    Re-invent your business processes. Optimize, streamline, automate, and deliver innovation continuously and create new business opportunities.

    Want to know more about process orchestration with Bonita?

  • Leverage digital process automation for a competitive edge
  • Innovate & transform business with new products and services
  • Innovate & transform business with new products and services

    • Continuously refine, rethink, improve, digitize, and create new enterprise applications.
    • Execute and monitor automated processes and provide visibility of the entire lifecycle.
    • Improve processes for operational excellence.
    • Differentiate your business through innovation and creativity for strategic advantage.


  • Leverage BPMN to graphically follow the orchestration flow

    • The Business Process Modeling and Notation Standard 2.0 provides a way to graphically diagram business processes and turn them into automated processes.
    • Use it to design a process visually.
    • Drag-and-drop studio elements include human and automated tasks, gates with decision rules for joining and diverging process flow, subprocesses and more.
    • BPMN makes it easier to understand the end-to-end logic and to collaborate during the orchestration flow definition.

    Bonitasoft's Ultimate Guide to BPMN offers a look at the BPM standard used widely for business process management.

  • Ultimate Guide to BPMN ebook
  • Automate your processes from end-to-end
  • Orchestration of microservices and distributed systems

    Bonita can be used to extract the business logic of individual distributed services or processes, and to provide visibility into call sequences.

    Advantages of using Bonita for orchestration:

    • Automatic error handling where errors happen, using exception paths, timers, and other BPMN elements. If human intervention might be needed, that can be included in the logic too.
    • The Bonita BPMN engine stores all workflow executions in a database so they can be analyzed later.
    • Data on cases and processes can be compiled for reporting.
    • BPMN allows definition of rules for routing data and data handling, to ensure tasks are assigned to the right services and right people.
  • Connect RPA and manage RPA robots

    • Use Bonita with RPA solutions to automate processes end-to-end – with exception management, complex decision-making by humans, and delegation of repetitive task sequences to software robots.
    • RPA automates repetitive rules-based tasks - typically performed by people - to manipulate data and applications just as a human would.
    • Integrate RPA robots as part of your end-to-end processes in Bonita.
  • Connect RPA robots
  • Delegate sequences of repetitive tasks to UiPath robots
  • Delegate sequences of repetitive tasks to UiPath robots

    • Call UiPath robots from Bonita’s business processes and applications using connectors and user interfaces.
    • Automate integration with existing systems that are not accessible via APIs.
    • Connect with UiPath’s Orchestrator server to interact with the robots in your network.