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How to take advantage of the Bonita Community Widget Repository

22 Jul 2017 - Lionel Palacin

Bonita provides a tool to build engaging and rich user interfaces. The UI Designer comes with a library of widgets based on AngularJS and Bootstrap so developers can graphically create web pages and forms.

Sometimes you need a widget that isn’t in the library. No problem - the UI Designer provides a web tool so you can create custom widgets. Building custom widgets require knowledge in AngularJS and provides unlimited possibility to extend the UI Designer capabilities.

This is all great, but wouldn’t it be even better if you could use custom widgets developed by other developers in the Bonita Community? And if you could use your favorite IDE to build widgets, share them, and be recognized by others?

This is now all possible with the Community Widget Repository available on GitHub. This repository contains a framework to build and deploy widgets using your favorite IDE and is the central location to share widgets.