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Streamlined management of student internships and adjunct teaching staff with Bonita


Université Paris-Dauphine

Since it opened its doors in 1968, Université Paris-Dauphine has been a unique player in French higher education - both highly selective and unreservedly committed to promoting social and cultural diversity. We owe our success to a multidisciplinary academic project that combines the excellence and advanced research capabilities of a university with the vitality and professional perspectives of a business school, to our international vision and reach, to our privileged ties with the business community, and to our capacity to engage with our local communities.

About the Bonita implementation

Bonita will enable the organization to provide an agile, flexible and easy to use solution for staff and students by providing both a better student and staff experience with fewer errors and increased accuracy through good data, and increase efficiency while minimizing hands-on effort.


University Paris-Dauphine wanted to:

  • save time on administrative management
  • save time on routine tasks
  • leverage digitalization to better serve students and teachers
  • simplify student and teachers’ paths through the university experience
  • decrease the number of errors and claims because of wrong scoring


Internships are critical as they impact the student’s professional journey and they are subject to complex rules. Each claim from a student requires double checking and there are frequent changes.

It is a complex validation process with different scoring for work experience depending on the company, the position, etc

Concerning adjuncts, there 2200 contractors who have to provide more than 5000 documents every year. These documents go through a lot of people: for signature, then returned, and so on. There are several dozens of people working on processes manually and this needs to be simplified.


University Paris Dauphine is already beginning to benefit enormously from Bonita, especially with the adjunct teachers, because the file processing time is likely to be cut in half. With 2200 adjunct teachers, that’s a lot of benefit!

Benefits realized

As University Paris-Dauphine puts artificial intelligence around the processes, transformation teams can learn to better identify where they lose time, and identify through process interactions whether the end user is happy or not.

AI helps replaces many interactions that fetch data and links them. Artificial intelligence acts as a listening adviser. There is a mass of information on how to best accompany the organization through transformation.

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François Madjlessi explains University Paris-Dauphine's choice of the Bonita platform, benefits from the project and its collaboration with an integrator 

The video is in French but you can activate the subtitles to have the English translation.

Digital transformation at the University of Paris-Dauphine


"We have already implemented AI as part of our digital transformation and in particular with Office 365. We want to measure a digital competence index.The system makes it possible to take measurements and to provide advice for improvement."

François Madjlessi - CIO, University Paris-Dauphine

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For more than 15 years, RS2i has been recognized as the specialist in integration projects for BPM infrastructure implementation primarily in Business Services.

Our activities cover transformation of business & support processes into BPM processes, paperless processes, multichannel customer interactions management, archiving.

Today, RS2i continues to innovate and is the leader of the BPM-HPO Consortium. BPM-HPO enables high performing organizations through process and brings out latent value of human capital.

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University Paris-Dauphine takes part in a round table discussion about digital transformation and Bonita

The video is in French but you can activate the subtitles to have the English translation .

"With Bonita and RS2i as an integrator partner, we can offload some technical tasks and stay focused on our overall mission. Having an integrator makes it possible to develop the different building blocks of our stack and pull them together."

François Madjlessi - CIO, University Paris-Dauphine