University of Queensland

With a focus on students as customers with high expectations, UQ digitised 40+ business processes in 12 months to provide a better overall user experience leveraging existing 15-20 year old legacy systems


University of Queensland

The University of Queensland (UQ) is one of Australia’s leading research and teaching institutions. In 2017, the University had more than 52,000 students including 15,400 international students from 141 nations. UQ is continually discovering and practising innovative approaches to fostering student retention and employability. The University works towards and achieves its strategic objectives by developing ways to engage students – and by pursuing best-practice inductions and student experiences.

About the Bonita implementation

The modern student is digitally savvy and has very high expectations about the experience and personalisation their university provides. Supporting different student profiles across a variety of channels is a very complex problem for universities to solve, particularly at UQ where the technology landscape is large and complex with core systems such as Student Management, HR, Financial and Learning Management up to 15-20 years old.


The University of Queensland needed to:

  • provide a world class student experience supported by internal business process automation
  • digitise and automate internal processes that support the student journey
  • leverage their existing legacy systems


Integration of core systems such as Student Management, HR, Financial and Learning Management which are up to 15-20 years old


Business Process Automation has dramatically improved user experience for students, staff and alumni at UQ. Students can submit and track requests in real time from their web or mobile device and the time taken for staff to process requests has been greatly reduced. UQ is also benefiting from cost efficiencies due to improved data accuracy and timeliness, a reduction in integration development effort and paper minimisation

Benefits realized

  • Research: 94% improvement in average turn-around time for higher degree research requests and an estimated saving of 12,000 staff hours per year - or 67% increase in efficiency - equivalent to approximately 7 FTE in workload.
  • Student Administration: student requests are submitted online and processed online by UQ staff and/or via automated workflow.
  • Human Resources: automated high volume processes including fixed term renewals and request for flexible work arrangements.
  • Finance: automated high volume processes including financial systems access, project financial change request and contracts and grants revenue split.
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Improving Student Experience and Services with Business Process Digitisation

Digital transformation at the University of Queensland


"It's very important for us to think about students as customers...they have huge expectations in what they expect from services and they don't expect to have to go to different systems to get access to various kinds of service requests."

Richard Rerrie, Senior IT Manager, University of Queensland - Application Development and Support

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Intelligent Pathways

Intelligent Pathways are specialists in integration and middleware technologies. They architect and develop integration platforms and applications that digitally enhance customer experience, and business processes. They’re an Australian based business with over 65 professionals. As a medium enterprise, their size enables them to service clients in an agile and responsive manner whilst having an organisational support structure that assures a robust and quality outcome.

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Interview with Intelligent Pathways

Simon Mc Cabe and Nirdesh Gupta from Intelligent Pathways speak about their partnership with Bonitasoft and the Bonita platform

"We wanted to work with a partner who could share and apply experience from delivering many different solutions across multiple industries, but who was also willing to grow and learn with us. We found this in Intelligent Pathways."

Richard Rerrie, Senior IT Manager, University of Queensland - Application Development and Support