Financial Services

To stay competitive, fuel growth and remain compliant, financial institutions need to offer superior customer service, protection against illegal activity, compliance with regulations, digital security and more

"Continuing changes in the legal and regulatory framework applicable to the banking and financial sector have compelled banks to have an even greater knowledge of their customers, along with the obligation to provide well-tailored advice and services to each customer. Our Bonita BPM customer onboarding application is both powerful and friendly."

Florian Morel, Business Applications & Business Intelligence Manager, Deputy Head of Information

Superior customer service makes a competitive difference. Provide well-tailored services to each customer in user-friendly applications as a key differentiator.

Stay current with applications to assure protection from increasingly sophisticated criminal actions like data theft and illicit financial transactions.

Verify governance, and remain compliant with continuing changes in the legal and regulatory frameworks such as AML in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Integrate third-party and legacy systems and applications in the increasingly complex FinTech ecosystem.

Why BPM?

Bonita BPM offers an application platform with powerful workflow capabilities and tooling to build easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces for customers, account holders, policy holders, lenders, external third parties & agencies, and employees.

BCP’s Automated Customer Onboarding Process

  • Easy adoption by users through a customized, attractively designed graphic interface
  • Optimized reliability and traceability of KYC information
  • Improved communication between departments
  • Centralized customer database
  • Fully integrated with existing tools and applications
  • Fewer data entry errors, significant time gains

Gottex Brokers’ better compliance and customer service in financial investments management

  • One main process with multiple subprocesses
  • No more unreliable spreadsheets
  • Strict compliance requirements enforced
  • Automatically updates trade figures in real-time
  • Less manual “grunt work”
  • Fewer opportunities for human error
  • Better understanding of the business process
  • About 100 live cases with 10 end users, each case running over several month

And more...

Retail and private banking

  • create new accounts
  • provide loans, mortgages and investments
  • ensure compliance
  • currency trading
  • loan bundling
  • mobile banking


  • policyholders onboarding
  • claims filing, management, adjustment, pre-authorization, customer notifications, and payment

Corporate finance

  • budgeting
  • cash flow forecasts
  • approval cycles
  • investments monitoring
  • business forecasts
  • consolidated financial statements


  • SOX and other regulatory requirements
  • international and internal anti-fraud regulations
  • tax and tariff laws


Consumer credit

  • credit card & line of credit application and approval
  • a Bonita BPM application is used to manage loan approvals with 29 processes, with more than 2600 users and an average of 800,000 instances/year


  • mobile wallet / digital wallet and payment processes
  • blockchain management

Superior customer experience

  • connect customer facing and back-end processes, other information systems, and all communication channels
  • customer friendly portal
  • re-structure processes to focus on customer experience rather than on internal organization of the provider
  • provide real-time status, appropriate communications, and alerts
  • protection against phishing
  • offer web-based self-care options
  • manage customer relationships and social media
  • manage processes to ensure that no customer will be lost in an administrative labyrinth
  • extend existing CRM platforms