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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Financial Services

To stay competitive, fuel growth and remain compliant, financial institutions offer superior customer service, protection against illegal activity, compliance with regulations, digital security and more.

“Our insurance businesses are constantly evolving and, in this rapidly changing environment, innovation-related issues are becoming crucial. Today, information is everywhere, inside and outside the company, and it is essential to manage this information, as well as the multiple operations carried out by the various service providers involved in one end to the other of the distribution chain. Our objective is to always offer the client smoother and more transparent access, faster and more relevant answers and solutions, to place the customer experience at the heart of our concerns and therefore our information system.”

Véronique Pachoud, CIO Alptis

Digital Process Automation for financial services

Superior customer service makes a competitive difference. Provide well-tailored services to each customer in user-friendly applications as a key differentiator.

Stay current with applications to assure protection from increasingly sophisticated criminal actions like data theft and illicit financial transactions.

Verify governance, and remain compliant with continuing changes in the legal and regulatory frameworks such as AML in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Integrate third-party and legacy systems and applications in the increasingly complex FinTech ecosystem.

Gartner Peer insights

"[We appreciate] the ability of [Bonita] to connect to the building blocks of information systems, the technical richness of the API catalog, and the possibility of developing new ones."

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"The agile approach was chosen to deploy BPM. At Alptis, we found that this approach has already brought us a lot in terms of project management and business / IT communication. It allows us to enhance experimentation and offer project teams the opportunity to go through regular testing phases of the products being designed. Moreover, it allows us to adapt continuously, to the needs of our customers."

Véronique Pachoud le Floch, CIO, Alptis


Alptis' customer and broker-facing applications

Improved performance at all levels of activity: deadlines, management of resources, compliance with regulations, monitoring.

User-friendly user interfaces which hide the complex interactions among the elements of the information systems.

Easier to deploy changes and new processes to respond to business innovations. Greater fluidity and consistency in the exchange and sharing of information, to enrich customer knowledge, make work easier for employees and improve customer service.



Digital transformation success stories in banking and insurance


Digital transformation “insures” high-quality user experience


Reduced manual operations and better time to market with credit offerings


Front office and loan recovery

Credit Agricoles

Productivity improvement of 2 FTEs

Bonita at work for finance

Retail and private banking

  • create new accounts
  • provide loans, mortgages and investments
  • ensure compliance
  • currency trading
  • loan bundling
  • mobile banking


  • policyholders onboarding
  • claims filing, management, adjustment, pre-authorization, customer notifications, and payment

Corporate finance

  • budgeting
  • cash flow forecasts
  • approval cycles
  • investments monitoring
  • business forecasts
  • consolidated financial statements


  • SOX and other regulatory requirements
  • international and internal anti-fraud regulations
  • tax and tariff laws


Consumer credit

  • credit card & line of credit application and approval
  • a Bonita application is used to manage loan approvals with 29 processes, with more than 2600 users and an average of 800,000 instances/year


  • mobile wallet / digital wallet and payment processes
  • blockchain management

Superior customer experience

  • connect customer facing and back-end processes, other information systems, and all communication channels
  • customer friendly portal
  • re-structure processes to focus on customer experience rather than on internal organization of the provider
  • provide real-time status, appropriate communications, and alerts
  • protection against phishing
  • offer web-based self-care options
  • manage customer relationships and social media
  • manage processes to ensure that no customer will be lost in an administrative labyrinth
  • extend existing CRM platforms
  • automate business processes

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