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Medical professionals need centralized and accurate data and well-coordinated actions among highly regulated medical service providers to make informed decisions, deliver quality patient care and obtain the best possible outcomes.

“Every geography or health system or combination of socioeconomic factors requires that you make [protocols] unique to your situation. Rather developing a one-size-fits-all solution, we’re using Bonita to develop core processes that can be adapted with quick customization.”

Matt Madison, Learning Health

Healthcare organizations are responsible for delivering quality patient care and the best possible outcomes.

Make informed decisions with centralized and accurate data, well coordinated among various medical service providers, private and public.

At the same time, as a healthcare provider or medical researcher, you need to meet a very wide array of regulatory standards, legal guidelines and constraints.

Why Bonita?

Bonita is an application platform with powerful BPM capabilities and tooling to build easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces for customers & employees. Applications can help healthcare organizations better manage new requirements, regulations and processes, while improving the quality of care patients receive.

Learning Health: customizable processes in accordance with nationally accepted medical best practices and clinical care reference models

  • Creating core BPM processes in accordance with accepted clinical protocol and medical best practices (e.g. INTERACT and TOKEN)
  • Processes can be customized to local institutional needs, leading to wide adoption
  • Process is merged with data needed by medical professionals at each step
  • The faster the right person is notified with the right level of information, the better the patient’s care and experience can be

Biopharma: Digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery

  • Digitizing paper based analytical process resulting in time savings equivalent to 5 FTE’s
  • Errors due to missing information virtually eliminated
  • Increased transparency into state of the request reduced the constant back-and-forth between chemists and analysts
  • Better process performance metrics are now available
  • BPM platform was expanded to other organizations: Biologics, Veterinary Sciences, Histology, and High Throughput Screening  
  • 5 applications in production used by 1400 users across US and India with over 600 new requests submitted daily

Success stories in the healthcare sector

Digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery

Care coordination services

Core BPM processes in accordance with nationally accepted medical best practices and clinical care reference models

And more...

Patient outcomes

  • Quality patient care and services
  • Integration of process applications with Electronic Health Records
  • Patient-reported outcomes management

Audit and compliance

  • Regulatory compliance management: State, Federal, ACA, HHS, NAIC, NIH, FDA and more
  • Internal audit
  • Breach management protocols


  • Drug discovery
  • Clinical trials management
  • Internal and external collaboration



  • Policyholders onboarding
  • Claims filing, management, adjustment, pre-authorization, customer notifications, and payment

Superior patient / customer experience

  • Customer friendly portal
  • Provide real-time status, appropriate communications, and alerts
  • Offer web-based self care options
  • Manage processes to ensure that no customer will be lost in an administrative labyrinth
  • Monitor quality goals