• BPM for Healthcare

    Medical professionals need centralized and accurate data and well-coordinated actions among highly regulated medical service providers to make informed decisions, deliver quality patient care and obtain the best possible outcomes.

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  • BPM for Healthcare
  • Every geography or health system or combination of socioeconomic factors requires that you make [protocols] unique to your situation. Rather than developing a one-size-fits-all solution, we’re using Bonita to develop core processes that can be adapted with quick customization.

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  • Digital Process Automation for healthcare and pharmaceuticals
  • Digital Process Automation for healthcare and pharmaceuticals

    Deliver quality patient care and the best possible outcomes.

    Make informed decisions with centralized and accurate data, well coordinated among various medical service providers, private and public.

    Comply with a very wide array of regulatory standards, legal guidelines and constraints.


  • "Working with Bonita Is effective and simple."

    "Bonitasoft's technical training and consulting experts...understand our business and offer insightful suggestions on how we can customize and integrate the Bonita features we use."

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  • Digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery

    Digitizing paper based analytical process resulted in time savings equivalent to 5 FTE’s.

    Errors due to missing information were virtually eliminated. Increased transparency of the request process reduced the constant back-and-forth between chemists and analysts.

    Better process performance metrics are now available. The Bonita digital transformation platform was expanded to other organizations: Biologics, Veterinary Sciences, Histology, and High Throughput Screening. 

    5 applications are in production, used by 1400 users across US and India with over 600 new requests submitted daily.

  • Digital transformation of analytical processes in drug discovery
  • "There was some initial resistance to use a BPM solution as a previous pilot run on another vendor’s‘ solution was not successful. Management was skeptical of the benefit and did not understand how it would work in a scientific environment. This was quickly overcome by running a proof-of-concept with Bonita BPM and demonstrating the ease with which it be integrated in the company environment."


    Associate Director, R&D IT

Success stories in healthcare and pharma

  • Digital transformation with the Bonita low code development platform for better healthcare

  • Patient outcomes

    • Quality patient care and services
    • Integration of process applications with Electronic Health Records
    • Patient-reported outcomes management

    Audit and compliance

    • Regulatory compliance management: State, Federal, ACA, HHS, NAIC, NIH, FDA and more

    Internal audit

    • Breach management protocols


    • Drug discovery
    • Clinical trials management
    • Internal and external collaboration


    • Policyholders onboarding
    • Claims filing, management, adjustment, pre-authorization, customer notifications, and payment
    • Automate business processes

    Superior patient / customer experience

    • Customer friendly portal
    • Provide real-time status, appropriate communications, and alerts
    • Offer web-based self care options
    • Manage processes to ensure that no customer will be lost in an administrative labyrinth
    • Monitor quality goals