Bonitasoft Corporate & Environmental Responsibility

  • Bonitasoft Corporate & Environmental Responsibility
  • Bonitasoft supports innovative businesses worldwide in automating their business processes and developing applications essential for their digital transformation.

    Bonitasoft’s mission to democratize Business Process Management is at the core of the digital transformation challenges faced by companies. This digital transformation often aims to:

    • Promote automated exchanges by reducing paper usage
    • Implement remote collaboration tools to reduce travel
    • Improve employee working conditions
    • Reduce environmental impact through better management of emails, waste, supply chains, and raw materials.

    In this sense, and through its social mission, Bonitasoft contributes to the collective good. However, we do not stop there; this collective interest drives our entire strategy. This includes our product development methodology, which favors open-source, our involvement in the local economy and ecology, and the respect and attention we give to people.