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"Are You Really a Good Full-Stack Developer?"

26 Mar 2019 - Mickey Farrance

Bonitasoft CTO Nicolas Chabanoles suggests four skills, that engineers are not taught in school, that separate the "okay" from the "good" full-stack devs.

As the manager of several Agile teams for the last 7 years, Bonitasoft's "Captain Bonita" has hired more than 20 people for our Bonita platform development team. 

In this article in DZone, he describes what he learned, and suggests what developers need to know about what a hiring manager is looking for, including the following four skills:

  • Being proficient with a debugger

  • Having the reflex to write relevant automated tests

  • Considering possible error use cases to help users to recover

  • Providing useful log information to users (not to developers)

Nicolas notes that these skills are about software craftsmanship, and are skills that are often not taught at school.

It is then your responsibility as a developer to learn them on your own. Nicolas strongly believes that developers who have learned and are good at those skills will achieve really great work and be respected by their peers.

Read the full article on DZone, here.

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