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Back from OSCON 2018!

31 Jul 2018 - Pierrick Voulet

Bonitasoft technical evangelist returns from  OSCON 2018 with some insights...and a smile

I am back in NYC after an exciting time at OSCON 2018 in Portland, with a big smile!

My journey started with meeting with the finest open source community people at Jono Bacon's Community Leadership Summit (CLS) Conference, and this year was a blast. The event grows exponentially every year and I am sure that the open spirit and "unconference" format are at the root of its success. This is the perfect recipe to allow brainstorming on the best ways to manage different aspects of communities to improve the overall experience. This obviously leads to many take aways, but more than that, it makes you realize the new heights that open source reaches worldwide and how much community management remains key to making it successful and sustainable. 

As soon as the CLS wrapped up, it was time to attend the main event -- aka the OSCON 2018 conference -- for a more technical insight of the open source world. Bonitasoft's main mission this year at OSCON was to represent the OW2 consortium, as Cedric Thomas was not able to join us as he usually does. We basically staffed the OW2 booth in the non-commercial area of the exhibit hall and has the chance to attend great talks about trendy subjects like micro-services architecture, Rust language, and more. As usual, it feels great to exchange with so many open source enthusiasts coming from so many different fields and organizations.

As everything has to end, I finally headed back to the office loaded with open source motivation, contacts and technical opportunities. This will be super helpful to stimulate the technical work we have in progress at Bonitasoft -- more on this later!