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New Bonita Continuous Delivery add-on wins a Stevie®

07 May 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita Continuous Delivery has won a 2018 Best New Product of the Year Stevie® Award .

Bonita Continuous Delivery won in the Best New Product of the Year category of the 2018 Stevie® Awards for best platform as a service (PaaS) that increases the speed of development of applications, reduces cost of development, automates deployment, and provides flexibility and scalability. 

See what some of the judges had to say:

"Bonita Continuous Delivery is an excellent tool for deploying incremental improvements to enterprise applications. Incremental changes can be tested and validated much more easily compared to fat changes. Overall, this approach tends to reduce the risk of a bad change being deployed to production."


"This is the direction where the industry is heading. Pleasing to see the success of such products in the market!"

Bonita Continuous Delivery automates provisioning of a Bonita platform so that deployment takes just a few minutes. This module can be added to the Bonita platform and leverages Ansible and Docker technologies for provisioning, along with advanced native Bonita capabilities to manage clustering deployments and platform backups. Applications on the Bonita platform are now fully compatible with both on-premises and AWS cloud deployments.

Bonita Continuous Delivery allows DevOps to prepare the full platform infrastructure for deployment and testing of applications before they are rolled out to users. It permits faster, smoother provisioning, multiple environment deployments and better maintenance.

DevOps teams can thus innovate more rapidly and can also continuously improve the organization’s applications. Making new and improved customer-facing and internal business applications available faster is now relatively painless.

More than 3,700 nominations from organizations of all sizes and in virtually every industry were submitted this year for consideration in a wide range of categories, including Startup of the Year, Executive of the Year, Best New Product or Service of the Year, Marketing Campaign of the Year, Live Event of the Year, and App of the Year, among others. 

Details about The American Business Awards and the list of 2018 Stevie® winners are available at    

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