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Bonita Day Madrid - Customer stories

06 Mar 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita Day Madrid featuring partners and customer stories was a great success!

Bonitasoft held our first Bonita Day Madrid 2018! We got to hear about the compelling customer stories of five leading companies, and Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura was there share the global vision of the new Bonita Digital Business Platform.

Bonitasoft Professional Services send Pablo Alonso Linajes:

Masmovil (with partner Optare), SECAM (with Telefónica), the Government of Panama (with Silice), BBVA Colombia (with Trycore), and Multiasistencia (with Continex) were featured with detailed explanations of their experience with Bonita and how they carried out their digital transformation projects. It was a super day, thanks to our Channel, Sales, and Marketing Teams!


We also captured quite a few video interviews with partners and clients. You can find them here, in Spanish with English subtitles.