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Bonita at the heart of new Cfdt online membership management

14 Jan 2020 - Mickey Farrance

CFDT has chosen to decommission old solutions and install a modern and integrated application, accessible by simple web browser and capable of handling all its processes.

With 620,000 members in approximately 1,000 unions, CFDT launched a master plan in 2010 with the main objective of placing its members at the heart of its activity and operation. The CFDT members and online structures management application (GASEL) now has 5,000 active users, who manage around fifteen complex business processes using a simple web browser. In addition, following a series of successive development and validation stages, more than 100,000 members now have access to their personal spaces, as well as to a range of services offered by their organization.

CFDT has become the leading French union, with 60,000 new members added each year. The complexity of its organization (1,000 unions divided into 13 regional interprofessional unions, 15 professional federations and 3 confederation unions) and the diversity of processing processes which result from this, made it difficult to manage, track and monitor its online memberships in real time.

Patrice Salsa, Head of Information Systems within the CFDT, declares: “It had become essential that each component of our organization have a precise and updated view of its membership base, with detailed information for each (status, region, professional sector, etc.). The goal: to better manage our members information, from online membership through career mobility."

CFDT chose to decommission old solutions for the benefit of a modern and integrated application, accessible by simple web browser and capable of handling all  processes (old as well as new). The choice of an SOA and micro-services architecture to integrate different systems and manage processes from different applications appeared to be the most suitable approach. After a first POC (Proof Of Concept) carried out at the end of 2011 on integration issues, the choice of Bonita quickly became obvious. Bonita has a very comprehensive capacity for expandability and connectivity. After a first application deployed in May 2013 concerning only member management, a series of development stages led to the opening of a member portal giving access to many services in the summer of 2017.

Today, thanks to Bonita, the CFDT has an efficient online membership system with a real back-office, which also makes it possible to monitor the mobility of members when they change their region or professional branch during their journey. Thus, the union member who is on the move no longer has to terminate their membership with his union to subscribe for a new one. The process of transferring membership is now automated as soon as he member informs the home union, and the new host structure (as well as the agencies on which it depends) is immediately informed. This allows CFDT to follow the flows that orchestrate the life of its unions in real time, and to adapt its action on the ground accordingly.

Patrice Salsa specifies: "We worked with an integrator on the development and today, our application system integrates many use cases, 15 of which involve the management of processes orchestrated by Bonita. Furthermore, thanks to our SOA-type architecture, we can, whenever a new use case requires it, reuse Bonita's orchestration capacity and thus have a catalog of multifunctional and reusable services, which which increases the maintainability of our device."

While CFDT is preparing its next entry into the public cloud, the choice of Bonita remains relevant, as the platform is fully compatible with deployment in the cloud, whether public or private. Bonita, which allows reinventing existing business processes thanks to a strong iteration capacity, should therefore further facilitate the creation of new services.