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bpmNEXT 2018 is coming up!

27 Feb 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Nicolas Chabanoles, aka "Captain Bonita" and head of Bonita R&D,  will show off Bonita development in AI this year.

The 6th annual bpmNEXT Conference is coming up in April 2018!

Bonitasoft is participating once again this year. bpmNEXT is the annual showcase of what's coming up in Business Process Management software. This year we will see Advanced Analytics, Blockchain, Decision Management, Digital Transformation, Robotic Process Automation, AI, the Internet of Things, Process Mining, and the next generation of BPMS platforms covered in the conference presentation. This conference is aimed at BPM professionals who want to get a look at  the next generation of process innovation technology.

Nicolas Chabanoles, aka "Captain Bonita" and head of Bonita R&D, will present "When Artificial Intelligence meets Process-Based Applications."

Even as process based applications get more sophisticated, delays due to blocked processes are still a problem. But recent strides in artificial intelligence are making it possible to anticipate future constraints and align them with available resources, to become proactive rather than reactive, and avoid the bottlenecks altogether.

Application of AI technologies allows process-flow pattern detection and process and business metrics predictions to guide corrective actions and updates of running applications. With AI, applications can analyze their own historical patterns and signal future constraints that are not easily perceived by a human observer.

During Nicolas' session, he will demonstrate a new add-on to the Bonita platform in development that provides advanced decision automation capabilities using process mining algorithms and machine learning techniques. This add-on analyzes business process execution and predicts certain behaviors enabling recommendations for automated or human decision making.

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