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Bonita & Bonitasoft | 1min

Bonitasoft: Work-Life Balance

Anne-Laure du Fou
July 13, 2021

One of our core values as a company is WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Anne-Laure du Fou, Bonitasoft Channel Manager, describes her view of how she is respected as an employee with a professional and a personal life.

I was reflecting recently about my 8 and a half years of experience working at Bonitasoft, and would like to share some of the things that I appreciate about my working life environment.

As a working mom I have an active work life and, as you can imagine, a busy private life!

When Bonitasoft hired me I was pregnant (ok, it’s legal, but not every company would have done it!).

As my family has grown, I was able to shift to work part-time when I needed it, without losing my place in the company. My responsibilities and opportunities for advancement have grown over time in the same way as other employees. 

I can work remotely, from anywhere I want. This was already the case before the Covid crisis, as Bonitasoft had “work from where you are” as company policy already in 2019.

The balance of personal and private life matters.

At Bonitasoft, it’s normal to share your personal concerns with your colleagues and manager, and they’ll take them into account.

Working at Bonitasoft has been a great experience for me.

I hope this kind of working environment becomes the rule everywhere !

Anne-Laure du Fou, Bonitasoft Global Channel manager

Anne-Laure du Fou

Anne-Laure is a Global Partner Program Manager at Bonitasoft with 15 years of experience in software and telcos industries with a double degree in Engineering and Business. She is skilled at partner program management, setup of strategic alliances, and business development based on customer centric selling - in French, English and Spanish.

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