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Bristol-Myers Squibb finalist for Bus Transformation & Operational Excellence Award

28 Feb 2017 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita BPM user Bristol-Myers Squibb is on the shortlist for the 2017 Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Award

The shortlist of finalists for the 2017 Business Transformation & Operational Excellence Awards is out, and Bristol-Myers Squibb's entry for Best Achievement of Operational Excellence in Pharmaceuticals & Life Sciences made the cut!

BMS used Bonita BPM for successful digital transformations in the Discovery Research organization. Here's a summary of their story:

Discovery Research at Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) focuses on identifying and optimizing promising compounds so that they can be moved to clinical trials. The laboratories responsible for running analytical assays for multiple Discovery Research organizations need to provide visibility into status, progress and results to their customers, suppliers, and contract research organizations.

The successful digital transformations leveraging the Bonita BPM platform was implemented across the chemistry and analytical groups in the Discovery Research organization, beginning with the Analytical Assay Request process.

The process of requesting compound analysis and providing analysis results between these two groups was heavily reliant on paper, which was leading to errors, time-wasting cross-checks, and frustration on both sides. Ad-hoc communication and over 500 requests per day meant information transfer was slow and inefficient. To digitize the processes, the IT group first considered using the workflow capabilities of their existing laboratory information management system (LIMS), but quickly confirmed that the workflow within a domain-specific LIMS is not portable to other domains.

Therefore, BMS IT took the approach of developing inter-lab workflow applications on a Business Process Management (BPM) application platform, and using the platform's native API-based connector capability to integrate the applications with domain specific LIMS.

As a result of the successful digitization of their paper-based processes, the organization has realized multiple benefits, including reduced errors, increased transparency, access to dynamic on-demand live metrics, time savings, and less frustration between groups.

BMS has subsequently deployed 9 applications built on the Bonita BPM application platform across several Discovery organizations.

The winners will be announced at The Business Transformation & Operational Excellence World Summit BTOES17 on Tuesday March 22.