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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?
Bonita & Bonitasoft | 1 min

Bye, Bonita. Hai, Bonita!

January 13, 2021

Bonita is undergoing a name-lift in 2021. This is fun, but wait until you see what's new IN Bonita!

Bye bye, semantic version naming convention. You can't hold us back any more.

Our newest Bonita release includes significant improvements and updates for our Bonita community, customers and partners. So it seems that the higher value of this release deserves a v 8.0 rather than a v7.12...

But strictly following semantic versioning rules it really should be Bonita v7.12, as there are no backwards incompatible API changes or any other breaking changes. What to do?

Using strict semantic versioning logic, Bonita could potentially remain Bonita v7.x forever.

endlessly spiraling clockface

Not what we had in mind!

So from now on, Bonita will follow a type of Calendar Versioning!

Bye bye semantic versioning, why, hello there CalVer! Bonita is delighted to be together with you at last!
(Well, not strictly CalVer because we won't be using YEAR.MONTH but YEAR.NUM...)

So say hey to Bonita v 2021.1!

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