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June 15, 2021
11:00 am CEST (Paris)
Process Automation LIVE - Episode 3: Public Sector
Bonita & Bonitasoft | 2min

Column2: Bonita 2021.1 opens up open source development

Miguel Valdés Faura
February 18, 2021

BPM expert Sandy Kemsley talked to me at length about the new Bonita 2021.1 release, and wrote about it in her Column 2 blog.

Highlights of Bonita 2021.1

The most important part of this release, in my opinion, is [Bonitasoft's] shift in what’s open source versus commercial. Like most open source vendors, Bonitasoft is built on an open source core engine and has a number of other open source capabilities, but creates proprietary commercial components that they license to paying customers in a commercial version of the system...Bonitasoft is shaking up this concept by taking everything to do with development — page/form/layout UI design, data object models, application descriptors, process diagrams, organization models, system connectors, and Git integration — and adding it to the open source version.

- Sandy Kemsley, Column2

She also points out that having a unified development environment also makes it easy to move a Bonitasoft application from the open source to the commercial version (and the reverse) without project redevelopment, allowing customers to start with one version and shift to the other as project requirements change.

I was happy to have this opportunity to talk with Sandy, and as usual her writeup is detailed and informative.

What does Sandy have to say after her demo of Bonita 2021.1?

Miguel Valdés Faura

Miguel Valdés Faura

Miguel Valdes Faura is the CEO and co-founder of Bonitasoft, a global provider of BPM, low-code and digital transformation solutions. He leads the charge for Bonitasoft’s mission: help innovative companies worldwide reinvent, automate and gain deep visibility into their business processes.

Miguel is a recognized thought leader in the BPM/DPA fields and is passionate about open source community building. He is a regular speaker at international conferences such as O’Reilly, Global Expansion Summit, and WebSummit and has also been featured in major publications such Forbes, CNN and Mashable. Miguel received one of the prestigious CEO World Awards in 2019.

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