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uh-oh! "Save the fundamentals of agility!"

16 Apr 2019 - Mickey Farrance

We'll be at Devoxx France 17-19 April, with the Bonita Escape Game...and popcorn!

Join in the famous Bonita "escape game" and "Save the fundamentals of agility!"

1991. Paris.
Uncle Bob Martin (one of the authors of the agile manifesto) decides, during a trip to the beautiful capital of the Alps, to hide his manuscripts and locks them down. Only a few well-intentioned insiders can one day recover them...

2018. Palo Alto.
Vesla invents a time machine. For ensure the permanence of the mighty waterfall, the Waterfall Consortium (W.C.) is mounting a covert operation to return to 1991 and destroy the manuscripts!

April 2019. Devoxx. Paris.
A letter arrives, containing a strange object that could well initate a wild adventure ...

Come join us to outsmart the W.C. and save the fundamentals of Agility!

Our escape game will go on all day, every day from Wednesday to Friday.

And enjoy some popcorn while your team is waiting their turn to save us from the dreaded Waterfall for ever! 

Yes, we'll be at Devoxx France from April 17 to 19, to meet up with developers and experts from all over France. And on Friday 19 April at 16:45 we'll host a 50-minute session led by Baptiste Mesta: Coding business processes with a Kotlin DSL in a Spring Boot application.

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