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Shamil Hassanaly joins Bonitasoft as Chief Customer Officer

13 Sep 2019 - Mickey Farrance

Bonitasoft recruits Shamil Hassanaly as Chief Customer Officer

Shamil Hassanaly joins Bonitasoft’s C-suite in a brand-new role. As Chief Customer Officer, Shamil will be responsible for all customer-focused teams, including technical support, customer success follow-up and advice, subscription renewals, professional services consulting and training.

Shamil notes, "At Bonitasoft, the customer is at the heart of the experience and my arrival reflects the vision of its two founders to take a new step with the establishment of a global customer organization. Beyond managerial responsibilities and my contribution to the Executive Committee, my first objectives are to strengthen the contact with customers, to develop the consulting team with new recruitments, to upgrade our current services offer and further develop existing training to e-learning, delivered remotely."

Before coming to Bonitasoft Shamil spent twenty years at InfoVista, a leader in network orchestration solutions, where he gained extensive experience in customer relationships, including internationally and became Vice President of Customer Engagement.

He explains: "When I arrived at InfoVista, we were about twenty, so I supported the growth of the company until we reached 700 employees. I’m happy to be able to bring this experience of growth to Bonitasoft to help address new challenges."

When he met the various Bonitasoft teams during the recruitment process, Shamil was impressed by the working environment and quality of life at work he saw. Bonitasoft is proud to be particularly attentive to the company’s establishing culture of welcoming new employees and providing them with excellent working. Listening, diversity, work flexibility, and skills development are at the heart of the concerns of the company's HR policy.

Shamil completed a BA in Business Management at the European Business School London.