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Teknowlogy - Evaluation of the Bonita platform

29 Dec 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita supports the development of agile applications with low-code tools for development teams.


The CXP Group is the leading independent European consulting and analysis firm in software, IT services and digital transformation. It offers  a complete service of assistance for evaluation, selection and optimization of software solutions and accompanies its clients in their digital transformation. CXP is involved in more than a dozen domains (including BI, content management, ERP, finance, HRIS, CRM, BPM, IT management, and IT security).

"In just a few years, Bonitasoft has obtained a leading position in the BPM market, in France as well as internationally. Its open source model has attracted a large community of contributors and fostered its international expansion. Its success also comes from powerful R & D and dynamic marketing.

"Bonitasoft has expanded its offer beyond BPM and addresses the challenge of developing agile applications with low-code tools for developer teams. " - Muriel Guénon - Senior analyst, Teknowlogy