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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?


ELCA is an independent Swiss IT company with 50 years of history and 1000 specialists. Their experts create, design, develop and operate software solutions. ELCA has developed its own methodology, AgileIT, which optimizes added value by taking into account the context of the project and the need for agile methodology in the guaranteed fixed price contractual framework. AgileIT, the framework methodology of ELCA, adapts flexibly to all project contexts and to all clients. It is inspired by SCRUM and leverages the latest agile methods. Get better results by making your business processes more reliable and efficient. Thanks to ELCA's strong experience in the IT field and their business know-how, they can help you become more efficient. Their iterative life-cycle approach of improvement and optimization translates into better operation and more cost-effective organization.

What ELCA offers with Bonita


BPM technology has both managerial and technical ramifications and can lead to significant productivity improvements, cost savings and time reductions. A process-driven enterprise supports agile changes, integrates quality controls, provides instant, optimal visibility, and reduces costs throughout the value chain. Their services on BPM and automation include:

  • Business Process Management Initiatives: ELCA can help your organization analyze the status of your current processes and advise you on how to improve your approach.
  • Implementing BPM solutions: ELCA can assist you in the choice, integration and enhancement of the Bonita platform in your IT architecture.
  • Provision of specific business expertise, for example in the banking field:
    • Customer integration
    • Periodic and event review
    • Modification and termination of the relationship with an existing customer
    • Digitalization and automation of the process of compliance with the new regulations
    • Credit process
    • Auto-integration
  • Change management for BPM projects: The success of the solution implementation  involves controlled change management.

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