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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?
Wave informatica

Wave Informatica

Wave Informatica offers IT consulting services in Turin and the surrounding area. The company was founded in 2000 and has come to be appreciated for the quality of its products.

With consultants experienced in agile, Wave is able to guarantee optimal solutions - that reflect the needs of the customer  -in a short time. Effective management means that the company is able to provide quality services at competitive prices.

Wave Informatica belongs to the ICT Innovation Hub, a group in the Piedmont Region focused on Information Technology and Multimedia. It brings together technological excellence - SMEs and innovative start-ups, large companies, research bodies - to develop research and industrial innovation projects.

What Wave Informatica offers

Wave Informatica offers ICT consulting services in the automotive and government areas.

Their working methodology is based on close collaboration with the customer to create solutions that meet their expectations in terms of cost and quality.

Their skills set comprises the following areas: 

  • System Integration
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Critical systems
  • Business Process Application

Wave Informatics oversees the entire software development cycle, from requirements definition to commissioning and delivery / support of the service.

They work with major automotive companies creating management solutions. For the Italian Government, they participate in design and implementation of projects related to document management and digital forms.

A Bonita project in the automotive industry

Wave Informatica has created a software platform for an large Italian automotive company to manage expenditure approval processes for marketing campaigns, budgets, and events. It is used worldwide by top level managers. Bonita handles 300 registered users for 23 registered markets. 600 requests were initiated in one year.

Before introducing the Bonita Platform, all information was managed through emails, phone calls and notes on paper. Furthermore, whoever was in charge of approval was not always available or may have changed positions in the company.

The challenges were :

  • Managing the volume of emails that operators received
  • Introducing error check
  • Managing the content exchanged between users
  • Following up on what was done during the day
  • Notifications for approvals of users
  • Centralizing the file repository
  • Using on mobile device

The customer needed a reliable system that would allow them to model the required business processes in an "agile" way and make it easier for them  to manage company roles and the related organization chart.

The system was supposed to be flexible so that it can be adapted to the "best practices" that the customer required.

"We found these features in the Bonita software and assisted by their technical support we were able to achieve our goals."

The Bonita implementation made it possible to manage all this on a single platform, automatically notifying all interested parties and saving everything in a database.

The results this automative company obtained with the Bonita platform:

  • Reduced of the volume of emails exchanged by users
  • Error check with reduction of the margin of error in mathematical formulas
  • Better management of data files
  • Centralized Information on Single Database
  • Process visibility via reporting and statistics capabilities

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