• BPM for Telecom & Media

    To maintain customer loyalty, innovate constantly, and stay compliant with regulations and standards, the telecommunications and media sector looks to digital transformation for agile and highly responsive applications.

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  • BPM for Telecom & Media
  • Bonita applications for telecommunication & media
  • Bonita applications for telecommunication & media

    Customer satisfaction and customer loyalty in the telecommunications market drives a significant need for innovation - when customers are unhappy with cost, service, or the current technologies, they can be quick to switch providers.

    And in the hyperactive telecommunications domain, new technologies and services often come from unexpected competitors.

    Telecom providers and services are regulated nationally and internationally, necessitating the need for adaptability to remain compliant.

  • "Product level support and knowledge sharing of platform functionality has always been great. Support has assisted us with resolving issues in a timely and effective way, which has allowed our systems to be available 24/7 for our users."


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  • Voo Nethys’ customer subscription and equipment replacement processes

    VOO deployed a complex process involving many different tasks within a reasonable amount of time: subscriber qualification, automated mail, voicemail management, SIM card activation, recording telephone numbers in the phone registries, links for billing.

    With an automated business process for replacing faulty Internet TV boxes and modems that eliminates the need to send a technician, VOO realized a savings of several tens of thousands of euros per month.

    VOO IT systems now have a much more orderly architecture, and are thus easier to maintain and evolve  

  • Voo
  • "Our 'Quadruple Play' offering involves many processes. Bonita has enabled us to automate and optimize our often-manual processes, such as the sale and activation of subscriptions, installation and repair, and customer support, especially during the launch of our mobile offering. The results renew our confidence in the Bonita solution and the expertise of the Bonitasoft team."

    Erik Lamal, VP IT

Digital transformation success stories in telecommunications and media

  • Fault management with Bonita: 40% of cases are now resolved digitally

  • Bonita orchestrates, automates, and optimizes the activation process for it

  • Automating complex digital solutions orders and product management in a rap

  • The Bonita low code digital transformation platform at work for telecommunications and media

  • Superior customer experience 

    • Orders & delivery management: A Bonita application is used for management of all requests and modifications for 500,000+ customers
    • Customer onboarding
    • After sales service
    • Lottery and contest management (creation and winning / price distribution, etc)
    • 360 deg customer support across channels
    • Consumer survey automation
    • A Bonita application is used to manage mobile after sales service with 55 processes, instance duration from 1 min to 30 days, involving 6 employees

    Audit and compliance

    • FCC, ITRs, and other regulatory and compliance management
    • ISO, ITU, ETSI and other communications standard compliance management
    • Internal audit

    Cable, TV, satellite, broadcasting, media & content

    • Sales and delivery of audiovisual content
    • Content and copyright transfers
    • Subtitling orders & delivery management
    • Voice-over recording, video production, and multimedia marketing management
    • Quality control (human combined with a high level of automation)
    • products reference management, content catalogues
    • Advertising orders

    End-to-end corporate processes

    • Procurement, purchasing & supplier management with traceability and e-invoicing
    • Purchasing, repairs and logistics management
    • Contract management
    • Support field operations on mobile devices
    • Supply chain management
    • Finance, accounts and frauds management
    • Employee onboarding/offfboarding
    • Travel requests
    • Leave requests
    • Automate business processes

    IT project management

    • Engineering requests
    • Processes for contracts preparation (for the financial services side)
    • Ensure remote hand over process in case of network crash for a customer with multiple LAN, WAN, Voice, MVC, Mobile, VoIP products
    • Product lifecycle management
    • Installation of components of cellular networks (eg base stations and cellular radio towers)