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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Bonita Living Applications Development (LAD) certification

The Bonita LAD Certification is designed to give you the appropriate level of Bonita expertise to roll out Bonita projects successfully.


  • No extra fee required if you have already purchased any LAD training.
  • LAD Certification can also be purchased separately. Go to the Customer Service Center and create a new case with the category “Training Request” to receive the information.

3 pre-requisites:

  • You have an active Bonita Subscription
  • You have completed a Bonita LAD training in the past, been trained by a colleague, or completed self training  - and you wish to purchase just the right to take the LAD Certification
  • You have viewed the What’s new in Bonita videos, and understand the key features of the current release of Bonita. You will need to have reviewed all intermediate Bonita releases published since the most recent Bonita training you completed, up the latest Bonita release available.

How to access this certification:

Go to the Customer Service Center and create a new case with the category “Training Request” to request access to the Bonita LAD Certification.

  • You will be provided with credentials to connect to the Bonita Certification Platform, along with the required user name & password.
  • It is available on-line 24/24.

How to become LAD certified:

To pass and acquire LAD Certification, there are two assessments:

  • Quiz: you have one hour to answer 40 questions, to get at least 85% correct.
  • Use Case Development: You have 2 hours to complete all exercises, to successfully resolve at least 80% of the exercises.


Request your LAD Certification