• Bonitasoft University Program

    Do you want to teach about business process management? Plan to do some practical work on process automation? Find out how Bonitasoft university program can help!

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  • Bonitasoft University Program
  • A set of resources to share with students
  • A set of resources to share with students

    Whether you are planning to teach about process management to future managers, or if you need to teach the usage and insight of a workflow engine to future developers, we have the appropriate resources to help you!

    We have a rich library of documents, videos, slides set, exercises and examples that are useful when you need to teach about digital transformation, BPM, automation and application development.

    Get in touch with us to discuss your teaching project and identify resources available to help you.


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    Getting familiar with BPM concepts or low code application development can be a little bit overwhelming at first. But don’t worry, Bonitasoft has a dedicated channel available to get familiar with the concepts and technical solutions to teach it effectively.

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  • Get help from Bonitasoft
  • Bonita Community Edition
  • Bonita Community Edition, the ideal platform to start with

    Bonita Community Edition is an open-source, free, fully featured software. No complex process to get trial licenses is required.

    You and your students can start the download of Bonita Community Edition right now and immediately build applications!

    In addition to help from Bonitasoft, you will also benefit from a vibrant community of users.


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