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Adaptive Case Management with Bonita

23 Jul 2018 - valentine.prada...

Adaptive Case management is on the uprise within application development and greatly contributes to accelerating digital transformation.

Case management offers an agile, adaptive and holistic approach while being case-centered versus just process-centered. With data at its core, Case Management offers dynamic modeling of all process possibilities and features and a quicker time-to-market in comparison with the more structured BPM process-centered approach.

BPM and Case Management are not systematically opposed. A Case Management solution can benefit from the capabilities or functionality offered by BPM by which processes in a Case Management solution will adhere to BPM standards and concepts.

In this webinar you will learn : 

- BPM, Case Management, process-centric approach, case-centric approach... what are the differences?
- How to set up an adaptative case management solution with Bonita, with a demonstration Our example is a common one: when a financial institution detects a suspicious transaction online, such as suspected credit card fraud, they can handle the request according to an unstructured process.
- The advantages Case Management has to offer (responsibility of actors, management of the unexpected, context adaptation, process control)​

Webinar Takeaway:

You'll be able to implement a case-centric approach with Bonita, with a focus on data and files as the drivers of process execution.