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Excellence in Order Management Processes

23 Dec 2016 - Lionel Palacin

Using BPM technology, we turn key business processes into easy to use and changing applications, that help achieve measurable goals of organizations. 

The webinar discusses BPM Technologies for Effective Management, or “where can we bring excellence to order management with BPM?” Inside, we discuss : 

  • The simple business process process of order management 
  • Challenges, Goals and KPIs in order management, 
  • Benefits of BPM approach form the process owner perspective, such as shorter time-to-market and lower cost, usability, and collaboration between business & IT, and the IT perspective, such as development velocity and decouple architecture, integration and continuity and performance.
  • Key benefits of BPM technology for order management.

Automated order management is a very important step to digitalization, to putting your company ahead of the competition. Find out how this is possible in the webinar below. 

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