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Interview with Pedro Robledo, BPM consultant

Pedro Robledo, BPM consultant, talks about the concept of BPM technology and its evolution in recent years. In addition, he highlights the key role of BPM in a successful digital transformation.

Pedro explains what digital transformation is and is not. "There is a lot of confusion with the term digital transformation, which many companies think is simply process digitization. Using PDF documents instead of paper is not digital transformation."

"Digital transformation requires three main changes: changes in the business model, changes in the supply of products and services, and changes in the value chain. That is, redefining business processes - and that is where the BPM will play an important role," he says.

Pedro also addresses the issue of RPA and the need to complete an RPA approach with BPM. Digital transformation requires a certain amount of automation, but above all it needs human-machine orchestration, with redesigned and managed processes.

The video is in Spanish, and you can enable subtitles in English.