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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Nathalie - Product owner & usability specialist

Meet Nathalie, product owner and usability specialist in the Bonitasoft team. She'll tell you what her role is about and why Bonitasoft is a great place to work.

Nathalie joined Bonitasoft 5 years ago. She first started as a usability specialist working on the Bonita solution. A year ago she became a member of the product management team as product owner (PO).

She is the link between the product roadmap and R&D when implementing new features. Working with R&D means a lot of day to day involvement and communication. Working on new initiatives includes meetings to explain storytelling use case by use case, demonstrating the value we want to bring to our customers. There are also story mapping meetings to break down the value into smaller stories and to discuss implementation complexity and prioritisation. The sprint planning takes place to plan in two week increments.

Working with R&D involves also daily conversations to check on development potential issues. Slack is the communication tool of choice.

Nathalie's usability background influences the way she does her PO job. Customers are involved in many different ways, through interviews and beta testing, so the use cases are grounded in reality. Developers are involved in the beta testing feedback that Bonitasoft gets from customers so the team can make decisions early on code adjustments.

For Nathalie, working at Bonitasoft is fun, because the company has still a very fresh mindset where you can decide the methodology you want to try to improve. There is always a mindset of being better together. Collaboration is key to team spirit.