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Digital user experiences
that increase your customer satisfaction   that increase employee engagement   that boost your development team’s productivity  

Create seamless, engaging and personalized digital user experiences in enterprise-grade applications.

With the Bonita platform, you can build, run, monitor, and improve business apps that connect customized user interfaces with reliable back-office processes connected to your data and other business information systems to create engaging, satisfying end-to-end user experiences.

Built on Bonita, the world’s leading open source Business Process Management (BPM) platform.

Happy customers. Engaged employees. Great companies.

Achieve higher customer satisfaction, increased efficiency, and reduced costs with unprecedented levels of business automation.
Learn how companies deliver both operational and strategic digital
transformation initiatives with Bonita.



"Besides the cost savings that we have seen on customer services, the most important aspect for us was to offer a multi-channel experience to our customers that increased their satisfaction."

Erik Lamal,
Vice President of IT

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"IT helped to digitalize our processes with Bonita, making it simpler and faster, while significantly improving the end user experience."

BMS process owner

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"Thanks to Bonita, the different services involved in loan applications have smooth communications and they are now processing personal and professional loans much more efficiently, providing better customer service."

Julien Valentin,
Analyst Developer

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Gartner Magic Quadrant

Gartner recognizes Bonitasoft in iBPMS Magic Quadrant as the only open source vendor

The report covers these Intelligent Business Process Management usage scenarios

  • Composition of intelligent process-centric applications

  • Business innovation/continuous process improvements

  • Business transformation

  • Digitized process

  • Citizen developer application composition

  • Case management

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Analyst report

Process Application Platforms 2017: Bonitasoft

"Beyond enterprising application development platform for collaborative multi-disciplinary design and development teams."


Speed, Insight & Agility

Model-driven, "low-code" business process application development platforms bring three core capacities to organizations that are a perfect fit to help enable real digital transformation.

White paper

Four myths and one truth about low code

Companies often have misconceptions about low-code methodology and what it can do for them. Here are some of the most common myths about low-code development—and one surprising truth.