• Get limitless extensibility with Bonita, the process automation platform that doesn't lock you in

    With the Bonita open source platform, developers have the power they need to deliver process automation projects that can reduce costs by 50%, and improve business operational efficiency by 300%.
    More than 14,000 companies use Bonita


Bonitasoft is recognized by leading industry analysts

  • 2023 Wave for Digital Process Automation

  • 2019 Intelligent Business Process Management Magic Quadrant

  • 2021 Wave for Digital Process Automation

  • 2019 Software For Digital Process Automation For Deep Deployments Wave

  • 2023 Spark Matrix for DPA software

  • 2021 Spark Matrix for iBPMS

Bonita is designed to accelerate…

    • Improve operational efficiency and boost customer & employee satisfaction

      ...with business process management.

      Broken, manual, and disconnected processes causing problems, hidden costs, strain on resources?

      Coordinate the way work gets done, automate business processes by engaging people across departments and corporate boundaries, and measure its effectiveness over time.

      BPM combines process improvement techniques with business process automation technology.


    • Business Process Automation
    • Connect services, people and robots to deliver continuous innovation

      ...with end-to-end process orchestration.

      Stale, inefficient processes? Innovation blocked? Looking for smoother ways to deliver continuous improvement?

      Continuously refine, rethink, improve, digitize, automate and create new enterprise applications for operational excellence and differentiation.


    • Optimize, streamline, automate, deliver innovation continuously...
    • Modernize your IT one step at a time

      ...and be agile, fast and flexible.

      Are irreplaceable legacy systems dragging your modernization efforts?

      Modernise incrementally, improve existing applications with processes that connect legacy and new systems with seamless user interfaces.

      Create new applications quickly and easily and connect them to legacy, proprietary, new systems and APIs.


    • Modernize your IT
    • Build enterprise-grade applications for the most demanding use cases

      …that are scalable and sustainable over time.

      Develop applications that handle the deepest, most sophisticated uses cases in your organisation. Deliver, improve and maintain applications that connect with long-running processes through modern and seamless user interfaces.

      Deliver updates frequently, reliably and quick by applying continuous integration and continuous deployment practices.


    • Ensure that your critical, long-running enterprise processes...
    • Support collaboration and productivity in your development teams...

      ...with tools for rapid development, production, and maintenance of automation projects.

      Is your IT team frustrated by constraints forced by rigid aplication platforms that are meant to empower non-developers?

      Give your technical team the power to code when they want, use low-code graphical tools when they want, and use their preferred tools and frameworks to create highly customized business applications.


    • Support collaboration and productivity in your development teams...

Bonita is trusted by industry leaders around the world

What they're saying

  • Digitizing our paper based analytical process has resulted in time savings of 11,000 hours/year and the need for multiple custom solutions were eliminated resulting in a cost savings estimated at $2 million.

    Associate Director, R&D IT, BMS

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  • Thanks to Bonita, we have optimized processes and have fewer manual operations, leading to a 30% cost reduction for loans.

    José Arturo Gómez Industrial Engineer, BBVA

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  • Whereas previously 7 people worked half a day every day on verification and compliance with reporting standards, today only 2 people work 2 hours a day. In addition, as 40% of cases are now validated automatically.

    Matthieu Maoudj, Designer Developer, CAFAT Information Systems Department

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  • We have validated the experimentation of Bonita in laboratory mode for 3 years, on the initial functional scope. Satisfied, we retained this solution. It represents 850 tasks to make an inventory of all the data (7,000 data per company with 80 users).

    Fabrice Jubien, IT project manager.

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  • With Bonita, the various departments involved in loan application management communicate seamlessly and manage applications much more efficiently, resulting in better customer service. 

    Julien Valentin - Analyst Developer

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  • The Bonita BPM platform is very reliable and easy to use, and has enabled us to greatly improve our efficiency and productivity. With Bonita, we have a solid foundation for improving our processes and developing new applications.

    Olivier Clos - CIO Europe

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  • We really appreciated Bonita's very large number of connectors that allowed us to interface it with all the different systems we have at home and especially the speed of implementation of the solution's projects.

    Gilles Godart, Digital IT Manager

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