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Bonitasoft, the leader in open source BPM (Business Process Management) solutions, has provided its Bonita BPM solution to AREVA for deployment to tracking changes in the construction of new generation nuclear power plants (EPR).

Needed: facilitate document movement and support change traceability

With a turnover of more than €9 billion and over 45,000 employees around the world, AREVA is the world leader in nuclear power and a major player in renewable energies.

As part of the construction of a nuclear power plant in China, the project managers needed a solution for tracking engineering changes in real-time during the different phases of the project. "We needed to automate the flow of electronic documents between all actors involved in the project to chart real-time changes," says Roger-Pierre Gallard, Engineering Unit Manager at AREVA ISD.

The need for a tool that is flexible enough to quickly create and validate applications led AREVA to choose a BPM solution.

Connect applications with the Bonita Engine

A second important aspect of the project was to integrate a BPM engine into a third party application. AREVA was naturally inclined to Bonita, as its modular solution easily met the need to interface with an external application.

"We quickly found that it was possible to integrate the Bonita Engine, which brought significant added value. This aspect was more difficult with other, less easily customized proprietary solutions. This differentiator confirmed the fit of the solution with the needs of the project," added Gallard.

A total of eight processes were modeled, automated and deployed, and are now used by hundreds of people to handle 400-500 simultaneous edits per year. A change process can take up to a year to complete, and the ability to handle such long-duration processes is a key feature of the application.

The integration of the Bonita Engine was done with the help of Bonitasoft and internal company experts.

Going paperless, optimizing processes, and real-time monitoring

Today, the application is fully deployed and the project is stable. Integrating the Bonita Engine in the internal solution enables completely paperless processes that were previously performed manually with paper, optimization of processing change time, and real-time monitoring by all stakeholders of any changes.

"Bonita is a quality BPM suite, highly customizable and secure, which fits perfectly into the Information Systems we already have, with no problems," concludes Gallard.

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