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«Our business is moving fast. We are now not in an evolution but a revolution. The way people work with energy is changing rapidly. Our models need to be adapted rapidly too. We need to be flexible, we need to be accurate – and we need to keep quality high.
That’s why we have developed the Lighthouse platform on Bonita.»

Erik Wolfs - IT Director

Project Objective

As solar power, wind power and other new systems come on line in the energy generation and distribution sector, monitoring and predicting production and use across geographical regions is becoming more critical and needs to be flexible. Coreso, located in Belgium, is facing these issues. To this end, they have developed the Lighthouse platform on Bonita with Bonitasoft partner Aprico.

Coreso engineers were using different data models and software tools to perform a lot of analyses individually.

This “patchwork of development” resulted in non-standard applications in spreadsheets and on various platforms. It was difficult to maintain processes with 20+ custom-built scripts and macros.

Creating reports required a lot of manual work. Each new report was created from scratch by the individual responsible. Not being able to correct and re-run calculations and produce a fresh report quickly when conditions change, or when errors are noted, was also an issue.

There was no standardized, systematic means to control and monitor the quality of shared data, changes to data handling, and the published results (20 different processes using the same data).



Benefit to the CIO

  • Data is being transformed from different formats to a unified format based on a meta-model to create one reference for all the data used across processes.
  • The IT team is deploying the first process with the Lighthouse platform. The end user engineers are enthusiastic about the upcoming changes from manual to Lighthouse-based.

Benefits to the users

  • Increased clarity, one version of the truth, less errors.

  • While mapping all the existing processes, analysis identified the links and dependencies between them. This has produced clarity that did not exist before.

  • Coreso is setting up measures to see how long it takes to run a process/produce a report, but speed is not as important as avoiding errors. When errors are spotted or weather/environmental changes occur, engineers expect to be able to find the source, make a correction, and re-run the report immediately.

  • And here lies the value of true digital transformation - not just moving from manual to automated or paper-based to paperless; Coreso found new ways to add value for its customers.

Digital transformation results in added value for Coreso's customers.


"Electricity always flows, so our system needs to be working with our shifts 24-7.
If this market stops suddenly, if we are not able to provide the necessary computed data, the cost is 3M€ per hour."

"During a user evaluation, our engineers were asked if they would want to go back to their original solutions - every one of them said "no" "

Erik Wolfs - IT Director


Coreso (COoRdination of Electricity System Operators) is responsible for the coordination of services for the secure operations of the high-voltage electricity system for over 40% of the population of the European Union. It helps European Transmission System Operators (TSOs) to maintain optimal security of supply by providing an overview of electricity flows, via reports generated using Bonita BPM-based applications, at European regional level to complement their national data.

Aprico - Consulting partner



Aprico Consultants is an independent consultancy company specialized in the transformation and architecture of Information Systems. By decisively accelerating the processes of digital transformation, they provide clients the business flexibility, performance and competitiveness that clearly reinforce their market leadership position. They work closely with clients to translate company strategy, objectives and operational constraints into pragmatic transformation programs that provide true business value and high returns on investment. Aprico took on a major digital transformation project with Coreso deploying the Lighthouse platform using Bonita platform.

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