System integration and identity management projects


Cineca is an Italian non-profit consortium that develops advanced applications and services of information technologies, through pure research.

This consortium made up of about 67 Italian universities and 9 research institutions supports the scientific community through the development of management systems for academic administration and the Ministry of universities and research, where it designs and develops information systems for companies, organizations of medical attention and public administration.

Use Case and Deployment Scope of Bonita

Bonita is currently used in the department that manages system integration and identity management projects. It's also going to be used for managing internal processes in our organization. Typically it addresses digital identity lifecycle management requisites (enrollment of users, enrollment of services, and workflows for managing internal authorizations).

Product strengths

  • User interface programming
  • Business Data Model
  • API extensions for complete separation between the process and the user interface
  • If you want to read more about Bonita on TrustRadius

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