Software Company


Bonita deployment scope

"We are a software company that uses Bonita as the BPM Engine to customize our clients workflow processes and deliver a superior and high scale product that can be utilized in their every day needs within their departments/organization. The clients range from defense contractors, private contractors and a few select commercial companies."

Software Company


Bonita strength and ROI

  • Bonita uses JBoss and is very easily integrated with Java if using API calls or even their REST services
  • Bonita has the use of JasperReports which makes it easier for us to build reports on our own and attach them as part of the process


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"Bonita is a open source solution out there which makes it much better for usage by developers who are integrating Bonita with their applications. It can be used to manage processes with finance departments, security departments, human resource departments and pretty much everything an organization does."

Software Company