Manitou accelerates its digital transformation by digitizing its processes with Bonita, in particular the authorization of commitment of expenses.



Manitou Group Manitou is a French company that designs, produces, distributes and services maintenance materials for construction, agriculture and industry. Manitou Group distributes its products in the brands "Manitou", "Gehl", "Mustang", "LOC" and "Edge". The Manitou group employs more than 3,900 employees in 11 production sites, including 5 in France and 6 overseas sites. This group has a network of 1,500 distributors around the world.

Manitou goes digital to accelerate processes

This industrial company chose expense authorization as the first process in its digital evolution. This long and complex process, involving a large number of stakeholders, validates investments following its delegation procedures.

Challenges and benefits for Manitou

The main challenge for the IT team was to improve traceability. As a result of this implementation, the process is now paperless.

Process automation has helped to eliminate paper exchanges. The actors and their roles have been clearly identified, which allowed standardization and complete traceability.

The project has not been easy. Manitou considers that there are two important elements for success: train developers in Bonita to save time in development, and avoid the impulse to model all cases and exceptions, as this leads to complexity that makes development difficult to produce and to maintain. It's better to have an agile approach.

Resistance to change is a also an important point to consider. Provide a lot of training and support to users.

Their project is a success - users make positive comments about the application and Manitou was able to measure real productivity and quality gains. The IT team continues the company's digital transformation by implementing many other processes.

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Listen to Sébastien Froissard, IT Development Manager of the Manitou Group, talk about their project to digitize the investment application process.

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"The success of our project comes from two main elements: a project team (development, BPM and business) with a strong participation of all teams during the testing phases, a good division of tasks, and the teams' responsiveness and professionalism, including the Bonitasoft Customer Success Team."

Sébastien Froissard - IT Development Manager